Sunday, October 14, 2012

We're Really Moving

I came home for lunch Friday and Mike had started packing the house.
All of our books were packed away, bookshelves moved, and the entire guest room was broken down and packed up.
I was shocked.
One thing about living with a highly productive person like Mike is that things get done fast.
And with no warning.
And for a highly emotional person like me, that is sometimes not awesome.
Especially when it dawned on me that my silly little house tour posts were over for good.
Because our house is never going to look the same again.
Which sounds like a silly thing to be sad about, but I was.
I burst into tears this morning when I saw him packing our coffee mugs up.
I'm not doing great with this whole thing.

Your one and only tour of the guest room.  It was cuter before, I promise.

No more bookshelves and no more books.

30 seconds before this picture I was crying like a B over coffee mugs.