Monday, October 1, 2012

Insert Butterfly Pun Here

The day I wore this dress, an older dude in the Albertson's parking lot threw me a thumbs up and yelled, "Nice dress!" at me.

So I'm calling that day a win.

Also, I have no idea what to do with the pleats in the front of this dress.

Also, these shoes are incredibly, mind blowingly comfortable.

The end.

Dress:  ModCloth, Similar
Belt:  Kmart, Similar
Shoes:  Arturo Chiang via Dillard's, Similar
Earrings:  Premier, Similar


  1. that is a really cute dress! very vintage looking (of course, it's from modcloth!). i laughed at the old man comment, that's too cute!

    1. Thanks Morgan! The old man was pretty funny. He was rockin' a Hawaiian shirt and threw the biggest thumbs up. Loved it.

  2. LOVE that dress. And old men with fashion sense. Also, I have been scouring to the ends of the earth to find comfy heels.
    Cute blog, newest follower!


    1. Thanks so much Heather, can't wait to check out your blog!!

  3. Holy curse word! You look gorgeous in that dress. And, I know I already said it, but that haircut rocks my socks off. xo