Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five For Friday

I started writing this post on Sunday of last week because I was in such a good mood.
And as I write this right now (Thursday night) I'm STILL in a good mood.
I mean...I'm not going to lie...there have been some bad moods in between, but this has been a pretty darn good week.
Here are my 5 favorite things about it!

(1)  The obligatory autumn blogger outfit and then I didn't blog about it.  But I felt very bloggery and very autumny all day.
(2)  Boots!  The first day back in boots!  It's very hard to deal with how much I hate wearing jeans, but love wearing those damn boots.
(3)  Oktoberfest and goober Oktoberfest shirts.
(4)  Quilt season is finally here.
(5)  Accepted for graduation.  Wahoo!

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  1. im with you. i was pretty excited to put on my fall boots. its a pretty big deal :) cute blog!

    1. Right?! There's something about cute boots!

  2. Congratulations about graduating and wearing boots! Haha.
    Happy Friday! :)
    <3, Cai