Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Heart My Body 2012

I stumbled upon the I Heart My Body 2012 Link Up last night via two of my new favorite bloggers.
And I couldn't resist linking up.
So here goes.

"Body love" to me is a rough thing.
I'm pretty hard on myself.
I wrap myself pretty tightly in the comforting blanket of humor and embracing the word chubby.
Which I'm not really.
But sometimes I can't see anything else but chubby when I look in the mirror.
So I self-deprecate and joke and eat some cheese and call it a day.
But, in the honor of the I Heart My Body 2012 Link Up, here are three things I like about my body:

My boobs.  I mean really, these things rock (thanks mom).
My eyes.  Does that count?  Eyelashes too.  I get a lot of random compliments on my eyelashes.
My legs.  The more I get into running, the stronger and firmer they get and I love every inch of them.

So, be nice to your body today lovelies.
Look in the mirror and find something...or three love about yourself.
And then have some damn cheese anyways.


  1. Yay, you joined up! And my god, you are gorgeous girl. If that's chubby, I hate to think what category I'd fall into! x

    1. Oh dear thank you! I started to write my usual response to compliments which is "well they're magic pants" or something, but I'll just say thank you!!

  2. i love this! and you look fantastic! i am definitely guilty of the same negative self-talk. this is a good reminder to love what i've got. :)

  3. Great post; body love in a positive light is something a lot of people don't think of doing. Negative, always.

    Thank you for linking up xx

  4. Yep. You are a tiny little strong person!

  5. It's funny because I wouldn't put a photo of me in tight pants up but I have put up a naked pic... how does that make sense?!?!? Hehe. You're rocking those pants and I adore your hair colour.

    1. Well I guess at least without tight pants there's nothing digging into you? Hehe maybe you just like being nekked!