Monday, October 22, 2012

Scenes From Our Sunday

Do you have any idea how awesome it is to have a weekend with no homework?
It's super awesome.
Add to that that your boss ends up being too busy to need you to come in on Sunday.
And this is what our lovely little Sunday looked like.

Mike ironed.

Hmmm what to clean next?

I made french toast.
I got to cook for Mike, for once!

This is how we chill our champagne...

He really wanted some french toast

Breakfast while we watch HGTV...we're old people.

I looked homeless all morning.  And like a dude.  A homeless dude.
Tuffy is the best beggar ever

Adult sized mimosas

We did eventually shower, leave the house, do some organizing at my mom's, make dinner, and like you know, act like "normal" people, but that morning...oh that was a good Sunday morning.


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