Monday, October 8, 2012


I complain a lot.
I'm a whiner.
About all manner of things.
Including my husband.
And how sometimes he can be not emotional.
And we joke.
And call him a robot.
And that he's a sociopath.
Doesn't sound funny when you type that.
But we joke about it (he's not).
And sometimes I feel bad for myself.
I've been through things I don't write about here.
I cry about them.
Obsess about them.
Hate myself, get sad, think dark thoughts.
It can consume days.
And I whine about it.
And then, out of nowhere, I found the blog Wanderlust.
And I read their stories.
Real stories with real reasons to complain and hurt and whine.
And I sat in front of my computer and bawled my eyes out just now.
And perspective hit me over the head like a brick.
So shut up, Valerie.
Keep your whining and darkness and sadness for things that deserve it.
And don't ever ever joke about your husband being anything other than the amazing person he is.
Because that's really not funny after all.


  1. Wow. Thank you. I am honored by your words. Thank you. x

    1. Thank you for sharing everything you do, you really are inspiring.

  2. Oh, Valerie. I just came here via Twitter (c/o Wanderlust, who I openly and avidly adore and stalk... just a little bit...). Isn't it amazing to get smacked between the eyes with perspective like this? Not any one of us is lesser or less/more worthy, simply because we've been through "so much more" than anyone else who has a dark and down phase or day. I think, in the moment, when something is right in front of us we are all prone to gripe and whine. And that's ok (and sometimes necessary), but I reckon the most important part is to always swing our pendulum back to centre - to remember all of those things you've mentioned in this post, the things that are really important. Thank God for blogs like those you've mentioned that give clarity and remind us to find that centre within ourselves. We're all capable of doing it.

    Thanks for a great post! :)

    1. Sooo well said, thank you so much. I found these two blogs at the perfect time and I'm so glad I did. Smacked in between the eyes indeed!

  3. Val, I think it's good to get it out there. One thing that wanderlust and advocate is to speak out and tell your story. Dont apologise for getting it out. I'm glad you see your husband as a great guy, maybe the perspective gained will help you work out what it is that frustrates you and pave a path to a more constructive communication channel without having to resort to name calling.

    I found you via wanderlust so you know she's not angry.

    Don't beat yourself up

  4. Heya Val :) Thanks so much for this post- it bought tears to my eyes. I've bookmarked it to come back to when I need a bit of a reminder of things myself.
    Much love to you xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Lori, your blog is so inspirational.