Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogtember - 3 Months Off

For today's Blogtember post, we're supposed to talk about what we would do if we could take 3 months off of our current lives and do anything in the world.

This one was easy.

I would do this:

Again and again and again.  Such happy memories there.

and this

friterie in Paris

and this


and this


I would pack up my things and my husband and I would travel Europe.  But not in a backpacky, touristy kind of way.  In the lazy, eat whatever we want, walk wherever we want, drink whenever we want, stop and sit and just look at the sites, and spend days sitting on terraces reading books kind of way.  

That would be a perfect 3 months in my mind.

Anyone want to fund that for us?


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