Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogtember - Advice

So for Blogtember's topic today I'm supposed to drop some hard, cold, genius knowledge on you.  Or, as classy people word it, useful advice.  Here goes!  (I'm a trainwreck half the time, don't listen to anything I say)

Go to the gym.

No seriously, that's my advice.

I hate working out.  HATE it.  But I also hate being overweight and if I don't watch myself I get a pouch and my pants get really tight and I muffin top and it's really gross and I get really sad.  And I know a lot of people have that exact same problem.  But we don't do anything about it.  Because we're lazy.  Or embarassed.  Or nervous. Or we suck at it.

But seriously, just go.

No one at the gym is thinking, "Hey look at that fat girl use really small weights on that machine.  She sucks."

They're all just thinking about themselves, their workout, how they look, and other daily nonsense.  Every time I see another person at the gym I honestly think, "Good for them."  Because I know how hard it is to get off your ass and go.

(Unless they didn't wipe off the machine after using it.  Then I'm thinking, "Sweaty bastard I hope you break a toe.")

I did this ab workout today for the first time because my stomach is getting smooshy and my pants are tight and it's been making me sad.  And let me tell you...I was AWFUL at it.  So bad.  Mike gave up on timing me and got up and walked away at one point.

And I felt like shit afterwards.  The usual tirade flew through my brain, "You suck.  You're too fat.  You'll never be good at this.  You should quit."

But I finished the workout and shuffled my sad butt over to where Mike was using a machine and said a few self-pitying things and then got that same sad butt on a machine and kept working out.  Because that's what you've gotta do.

So just go.

You may look silly or not be able to do things, but at least you went to the gym and tried.  And it will get easier.  And some days will feel awesome.

And, statistically, there will probably be an awkward midget chick with too much belly fat trying to do windmills on the mat next to you and I promise, she's not judging a damn person in that joint.  She's just trying not to die.


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