Monday, September 30, 2013

Impromptu Winery Stop

I have been in an odd mood the past couple of days.  Blame it on hormones.  Blame it on work.  Blame it on whatever you like.  But it's been weird.  And sad and weird and just not fun.  Sunday, Mike had a soccer game early which I didn't go to because I wasn't feeling well (and of course it was their best game yet, dang it) and after his game, his after-game ice bath, and a quick lunch, we headed off to run some errands. Realizing that it was only 12:30 and all we had to do was grab some groceries and try to find a new belt for him, we decided hey, we can actually do something fun today if we want!

So we headed off to do some wine tasting.

I know I say all the time why we love living here.  But seriously, being able to just pop on over the bridge to a winery surrounded by trees where we can put up our feet on some adirondack chairs and enjoy tasty wine is too amazing for us to explain.  Side note:  adirondack is a weird word.  Weird.

On the way to Perigeaux Winery, we noticed a sign pointing to the left for Solomons Winery.  With a quick jerk of the steering wheel, we decided to try it out.  It turns out that the tasting room is in someone's house.  And their cat sits in there and looks at you.  And you drink out of plastic cups.  But the wine was actually good.  And we didn't get murdered.  So...that's good?

We eventually made it to Perigeaux and spent the next hour or so sitting out under the trees and enjoying our wine while talking about god knows what.  I may have over-indulged and teared up on the car ride home when Mike complimented me on something, but hey...impromptu winery trips can do that to you sometimes.

This next week, I promise to improve my mood and instead of being fussy about my current situation, I will remember the happy day we had on Sunday out under those trees, wine glass in hand, husband across from me.

Here are some crappy cell phone pictures of our day.

If paperbag pants are wrong, I don't want to be right.
(Can I please take a flattering picture, ever?)

Oh, this guy.


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