Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reasons I Will Never Be Cool

Here are some reasons I will never be cool:

In silver please
Because I think this trend is stupid.  Rings are meant for a couple of fingers and pushed down.  These top rings stress me out.  Because I am old and uncool.

Because I won't ever understand any cultural references to Gossip Girl or the new 90210 and it bums me out that teenage girls are watching shows like this.  My 90210 and Saved By The Bell chicks dressed like normal people, weren't stick thin, and weren't banging multiple dudes.  This generation is so screwed if these are their role models.

Because I won't understand any references to these guys either.  Sorry.

Because I think the cult of Crossfit is generally pretty obnoxious and unsafe.

Because I will never be the type of blogger who takes high quality photos at the farmer's market, thrift store, or just everywhere really.

Because I haven't joined the mommy club and probably never will.

Because I love styles like this, but can never quite pull them off.

Because I would rather spend my nights watching this with my husband than doing pretty much anything else.

Because I am too lazy to do cool manicures....ever. evidenced by this post, I'm kind of a snarky bitch and would rather be so than be cool.  That cool?


  1. Love it. Loved every. single. thing. I'm not cool either. Thank goodness.

    1. Right? I'm kind of glad I'm not cool. Even if it makes me sound like a snarky ole' B!

  2. Amazing. I couldn't agree more. I feel like this is a sign that I should finally watch The West Wing. I keep thinking about it and then never do. It needs to happen.