Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Labor Day...I'm Drunk

Oh Labor Day...I love you.  I mean, I labor pretty hard during most of the year so I deserve an extra day off, right? Is that what Labor Day is about?  I have no idea.  On second thought, I probably don't deserve crap.


On Monday, we lazed around the house for hours before finally heading out for the day.  We grabbed lunch at Potbelly's to fill our bellies with bread before we shoved a crap-load of wine in there.  I make wine tasting sound class, don't I?

Then we were off to Perigeaux for some wine tasting and music.  We had never been to Perigeaux before and it really is an idyllic setting.  And the music was pretty darn awesome.  Landing Mary was there and those kids were cute and talented and I could have sat there and listened to them all day.  I call them kids because when I think 20 somethings are cute I officially feel like a creepy old lady.  Turning 30 does that to you.  Anyways, we finished our tasting and got a couple of glasses and enjoyed sitting out under a giant tree listening to some music.  It was really lovely.

After that, we headed off to our favorite local winery Slack.  Oh I love their wine.  It is just dang delicious.  Our tasting was poured by the owner and he was so sweet and interesting and asked us tons of questions about ourselves.  It was really fun to get to know him and enjoy conversation and wine while looking out at the beautiful water.  We bought a bottle and sat out by the water for a while talking and laughing before heading home.

I look awful in this picture, but it is what it is...

It was lovely.

And, in pure Valerie fashion, I ended up day drunk by the time we got home and I laid on the floor a lot and complained about my belly.

Happy Labor Day?


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