Monday, February 24, 2014

Old Photos

I was stuck on the couch last night with the pug in my lap waiting for Mike to come sit down to watch a show with me and I got bored so I started going through the photos on Mike's phone. I realized that he has every single photo on there from when he first purchased the phone. And that's been years. And it only equals about 50 photos. That guy is the weirdest.

Flipping through them brought back some great memories and made me all nostalgic and mushy.

So I e-mailed some of my favorites to myself and here they are.

The photos start when Mike bought his phone when we were living in Chico, CA
Little Tuff when we first adopted him.

My first ever video game playing experience was with the lego games. Tuffy Liked to help.

Happiest dude alive with his little pug

Sometimes Tuff is weird.

And he loved "jungle pugging" running around in the tall grass.

Along the way, we went on some great trips.
Mike's first visit to the East Coast.


And hey, mom and Ann were there!

And Vegas! (This drink made me so sick)

On a trip to my sister's we stalked Kevin from Top Chef for a wonderful minute.

Then we moved back to Ridgecrest.
And adopted sweet (and kind of evil) Gizmo.

My favorite picture of Tuffy ever.

And we bought a house (oh man I miss our house)

And met little Winston.

This guy.


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