Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Still reading the 4th Outlander book and The Hobbit. Haven't been reading much lately especially since I've been working through my lunch breaks.

Writing: this blog post and our grocery list. I love doing grocery lists. I search recipes online, dig through our favorite cook books, and then Mike and I stand in the living room and talk about what we want the next week and we always get excited and make big plans. We always grocery shop together and chat the whole time and act like this is some super fun task to do. Maybe we hang out too much, but it's always the highlight of my week. My grocery list is a spreadsheet separated by sections of the grocery store and it's my crowning glory and I love it.

Listening: To Mike playing his video game, the dogs shuffling around the house, and my fingers on the keyboard. Later today I'll be listening to the machines in the gym squeak and creak, beer being poured for us at lunch, and chatter at the grocery store.

Thinking: That I'm so glad my back feels better today. Yesterday, every time I took a deep breath I had a stabbing pain in my back and it was not fun. Good excuse to not work out though, I tell ya'.

Smelling:  My coffee. I'll take it black, please.

Wishing: That all the meals I picked to make next week were calorie free. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Hoping: Same as always...not gonna give up no sir no way.

Wearing: Big ole' brown VS pajama pants, a grey long sleeved tee, a giant cable knit sweater, and bright red Christmas socks. It's cold, okay?

Loving: That we had such a perfectly lazy day yesterday and that we have a whole chicken and 3lbs of pork belly in the freezer waiting to be used next week.

Wanting:  To burn 3,000 calories at the gym today (not gonna happen).

Needing: To shower, get dressed, go to the gym, get the grocery list done, and get a movin'.

Feeling: Sleepy and happy and bloaty. SEXY!

Clicking:  Pinterest for this soup recipe and Hey Natalie Jean because when I'm feeling lazy and introspective on the weekends, I read her archives and leave the window open all weekend so I don't lose my place. Makes me remember why I love writing/blogging and feel happy about the world and smooshy little toddler cheeks.

A couple other things...

Another week, another amazing cocktail by my husband. This one was based on a recipe he found and when he read the ingredients, he realized it was basically an old fashioned, but with tequila. So he made it based on that rather than their recipe which called for way too much sugar. It was delicious.

When he's not being crazy and running around like a mad man, Gizmo likes to crawl up on people and cuddle. He licks your face until you can't take it anymore and then he lays his little chin on your chest and gets an incredibly peaceful look on his little face. He doesn't close his eyes and go to sleep; he's too busy protecting you. He just lays there, keeping your chest warm and feeling happy with his little corgi life. They are fleeting moments because that silly corgi can't stay still very long, but they're lovely.
So glad we went to the pound that day little Gizmo, so glad we have you.



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