Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Still reading the 4th Outlander book and The Hobbit. Determined to get offline and read today, I've been slacking.

Writing: This blog post and some other random things I won't talk about on here.  Should be writing a grant that's due in 5 days, but waiting on my boss to write his bits. (ACK)

Listening: To reruns of Smash on Amazon, Mike playing his video game, and the pups sleeping on the couch. I will never not stop watching reruns of Smash, just so you know.(LET ME BE YOUR STARRRRR!!!)

Thinking: That I'm terrified of our appointment with the tax guy tomorrow. Pleeease let it not have gotten worse...please please please.

Smelling:  Nothing thankfully. I was smelling barf at 3:00a.m. this morning...poor pug.

Wishing: That life was a little bit easier. Just a little.

Hoping: That next week delivers in more ways than one. Got a lot riding on next week!

Wearing: Big ole' brown VS pajama pants, a grey long sleeved tee, and Mike's slippers. Sexy!

Loving: That we have House of Cards to watch today and absolutely nothing else to do. And that we have tomorrow off of work even if it is Tax Man D-Day.

Wanting:  Things to work out, please.

Needing: To go take a shower and do my hair because it looks nuts right now.

Feeling: Sleepy and stressy.

Clicking:  Reddit for randomness, Amazon for Smash, and J.Crew Factory for shopping the sale for the husband (two pairs of socks and a bow tie for $17? Okay!)

A couple other things...

Thursday was a particularly bad day so while I was in the bedroom pouting, my husband made me a cake and then let me decorate it to commemorate our life at the moment. It was delicious and depressing.

I will never not love taking pictures of my dogs sleeping.

My favorite letter now hanging on our bedroom wall.



  1. Your husband sounds awesome :) Also, so you're on the 4th Outlander book -- I have heard such great things about this series, but have a hard time getting into the first book. Should I give it one more try? Hope this week delivers what you want!

    1. I would definitely give it another try! I got a little stuck on the second book and kind of skimmed a lot of the historical stuff, but now I'm totally sucked in and cannot wait for the tv show in the summer!