Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Still reading the 4th Outlander book...I'm slow and just finally picked up The Hobbit again that I had ditched a while back. Totally sucked back into it after watching the first two movies.

Writing: Blog posts at home, an annual report at work, responses to people's crazy posts on my work social media, and things I can't talk about online.

Listening: To Mike watching soccer, the dogs sleeping next to him, and my fingers typing this. Later today, I'll be listening to HGTV in the gym while we work out and then LOTR while we lay around like lazy bums and Mike does some ironing. When it's cold and we are stuck inside, Mike and I watch the LOTR movies in order stopping after each one to watch all the behind the scenes stuff.  Does that make us super nerdy and boring? Probably, but it's okay. We get freakishly excited by it every time.

Thinking: That I can't believe I slept in until 9:15 this morning and the coffee is cold and we have no microwave to reheat it. Dammit.

Smelling:  My house has smelled like farts for the past week. Sad, but true. Marriage is fun...

Wishing: That it will not snow or become an ice storm on Monday like they're predicting.

Hoping: Same as always...not internet appropriate...for now and extra extra hard this week.

Wearing: White VS pajama pants, a white tank, a grey cardigan, and my husband's slippers.

Loving: That Mike made me a tasty smoothie for breakfast, that the pork turned out so well for dinner tonight, and that I had a 3-day weekend.

Wanting:  Energy, magical weight loss, and answers to my hopes.

Needing: To get off my ass and take a shower and to hang up the massive amounts of clothes I've amassed in our bedroom before Mike's head explodes from the mess.

Feeling: Nervous and sleepy and happy.

Clicking:  Lots of shopping sites for the links in a fashion post I just did and hopefully later today TurboTax to get my taxes going finally.

A couple other things...

Mike has been KILLING it with cocktails lately. So crazy good.
This one is a Bourbon Rosemary Sour.

This one was paired with tasty Mexican food and is called a Bee Sting and it was SPICY.

This one is my absolute favorite and it's called a Kentucky Daiquiri.

Tonight's Sunday night dinner is Richard Blais' pork belly stuffed baked potatoes. We had a whole ordeal trying to find pork belly in this town. It's not that the butchers didn't have it, it's that they don't know what it is. Which is kind of shocking to me because're butchers? I ended up finding this slab bacon buried under packages of sliced bacon and it is working out great. We roasted it for 3 hours last night and oh man, it smells good!

This little angel knocked a piece of carrot cake that I wasn't done eating on the floor last night.
So...anyone want a corgi?



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