Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Gift Idea for Men - Balls of Steel

Recently, I was introduced to a great little product that would be perfect as a Valentine's Day gift for a husband or boyfriend. It's pretty dang cool AND I get to say the word balls a lot when talking about it and you know how much I love to say balls. (Preferably with a Jersey accent, thank you)

The product I'm talking about is called Balls of Steel Whiskey & Spirit Chillers.

They’re stainless steel whiskey chillers that cool drinks faster and better than ice without diluting the flavor. I'm sure you've seen items like this on the market before, I know I have. The cool thing about this product though is that 15% of their net profits go directly to financial funding for testicular cancer support. Get it...balls! 
So not only are these little suckers cool and useful, but they are helping out a great cause as well. I love how Maxim put it in their review of Balls of Steel, "At least one good thing might come of your next bender."
So go check them out here and get some balls!
(I wasn't paid in any way for this post, I just think the product is cool and like saying balls)