Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Revolt Move of the Week

These posts are silly. But it's kind of motivating because when I'm a lazy shit and don't really work out during the week, I don't post a workout move and then people know and judge me. I'm not gonna put on my gear, walk to the gym, and do a move just to take pictures of it.

I mean, I MIGHT but that would be pretty bad.

Also, I get freakishly excited when I find new workout moves that work for me.

I get freakishly excited about a lot of things.

My sister likens me to a chihuahua.

So Revolt move?

This week's is a pike to plank. I'm pretty sure the way I do it is a plank to pike, but details details.

Cue the awkward, gym, self timer selfies!

Do a plank. Try to look awkward, dying, and have a super flat butt while doing it.

Then without moving your arms, go up into a pike. Continue to look like you're dying, but your butt will look better :)

The day after doing this move for the first time, my lower back KILLED me. But in a "holy crap I didn't know I had muscles back there" kind of way. Which is good because I have an incredibly weak lower back and it affects other exercises a lot.

Pike to it!!

And go check out Revolt, duh.


  1. Cool move -- I'm always looking for ways to strengthen my lower back :)

  2. Arghhh. I did something like this in a P90X workout. I actually enjoyed it, in a masochistic kind of way. I should get back to it, and stay with it this time. I, too, noticed that my back tended to give out before my abs. Probably good reason to do it more often.

    1. I always complain about my back hurting when I'm doing ab stuff! Same thing with my stupid tiny hands giving out before my arms in arm exercises. You know when my hands and abs never give out? When eating cheese!