Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today oh Today oh Today

Today is not a good day. It is, in fact, an outright no good bad day. Snow days are supposed to be fun. You're off work, you're snuggling a pug, and still getting paid. That sounds pretty darn good. But I woke up this morning with a panic attack about a work project that is apparently due in 8 days and I didn't know I was supposed to have been writing it and I have nowhere near enough information to actually write it and the people working with me on it are not being pleasant about it and ugh.

To add insult to injury, our tax guy called and gave us bad news. We knew our taxes were messed up because Mike's HR was paying California taxes this whole year instead of Maryland which makes no sense, but it is what it is. So we knew we'd owe Maryland a bunch and would get a bunch back from California and it would even out. When I started our taxes and found this issue, it showed we owed Maryland something like $3,600, but that was before I had put in any of of our deductions. Our tax guy called today and said that we are currently at paying $4,000 just to Maryland and that we don't have enough taken out of our paychecks even though we both have married +1 as our deduction which is completely normal and how did it go up even though you have our deductions, holy hell?!

Also, it is not pretty snow out there, it is rain and snow and that equals slush and ick.

So I am currently in hour three of a nasty panic attack and I kind of want to barf and yell and my head is filled with the urge to say screw it and just move back to California in our nice little house with normal tax rates and people we know and warm weather.

And Mike won't let me drink until after we work out and who the hell actually goes to the gym on a snow day where you find out you're about to have to empty your savings account and you've been snapped at by a coworker over e-mail all before noon?! That guy, I swear.

SO since I'm in such a horrible, sickening mood, I thought I would post some positive/funny stuff to lift my spirits. Ready, go.

These people. Love these bitches. What baby faces we had back then!

My pup babies.

Mike in a lederhosen shirt. Because, just because.

My sister and I, our matching outfits, crazy bangs, and my giant head.

This amazingly horrible photo of me on my wedding day that always makes me laugh.

My mom's dog looks exceptionally like a muppet.

That's all I got, I'm cranky again.

Stupid day.


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