Saturday, February 22, 2014


February has been one long crotch kick what with bad news popping up all over the place and the super cold and snowy weather, so when we heard that it was supposed to be in the high 50's today, we knew we had to get out and enjoy ourselves.

We worked out, Mike made me my favorite eggs for breakfast, we did the dog's nails (that's not part of the good day plans, but it worked out alright so we'll count it as a win), and then we put on some super cute outfits, and headed out for lunch and wine tasting.

Lunch at Lotus Kitchen was delicious as always and it's Calvert County restaurant week so it was a great deal. The first winery we stopped at doesn't have the most amazing wines, but we like some of them and it's on a really pretty property so it's always a fun visit.

Then we went to Running Hare for my first time and it's so so pretty and the wine was delicious. And during our tasting, we got to watch the whole process of a couple leaving, someone finding the woman's giant engagement ring in the bathroom, and them eventually coming back to get it. It was more dramatic than it sounds. And oh man was that ring giant.

After our tasting, we bought a bottle and sat outside to enjoy the sunshine and some views.  I cannot wait to come back here when it's all green and lush again.

When Mike put this on, he asked me if it was too much orange. I said not, but he was definitely going to get some side eyes today. Instead, he was told by someone in the men's room that they "enjoyed his ensemble" and another passerby complimented his shoes. Go orange!

I am like a toddler around random dogs. I stare at them for 5 minutes and then eventually ask their owners if I can pet them. I CAN'T HELP IT.
This one's name was Max and he had those deep, brown, "I'll love you forever" eyes and oh man.

On our way out, as Mike was snapping some shots of the landscape, I noticed a guy looking at him kind of intently. I figured it was because of Mike's kind of odd outfit today. After a minute, the guy signaled me over and asked if I was with Mike. When I said yes, he told me that he was about to propose to his girlfriend and asked if Mike would snap some shots. We of course said yes, and promptly hid behind them to catch them in the act.

The woman was so surprised and excited and they just kept hugging and kissing afterwards, it was a truly beautiful moment and it made me love this sometimes crappy world a little bit more. Thanks random strangers who asked us to be a part of your amazing moment, you made a lovely day even better.


  1. That's awesome! Good that you were able to catch a break with the weather. As for the couple, so sweet! I hope I get that moment some day :)