Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Photo An Hour

I'm linking up today for the Photo an Hour link up. Where, you know, we post a photo we took every hour of that day. Exciting stuff!

Here we go!

8:00a.m. - hanging in the office, looking at jobs, checking way too many social media sites and drinking coffee while the dogs slept. Pretty much what I do every morning.

9:00a.m. - first dog walk of the day and it was GORGEOUS outside.

10:00a.m. - still at the computer, applying for more jobs, watching Grey's Anatomy online, and eating way too many apples to satiate my hunger for sweets.

11:00a.m. - I found out I didn't get a job I really wanted so I pouted for a bit.

12:00p.m. - time for lunch!

1:00p.m. - second walk of the day for the dogs.

2:00p.m. - finally got out of my computer chair and stopped pouting/applying for jobs and wrapped some presents I need to ship out soon.

3:00p.m. -  pug snuggles on the couch while I watched some more Grey's and waited for Mike to come home.

4:00p.m. - we went for a run.

5:00p.m. - Mike made a super tasty dinner of chicken, sweet potatoes, and a brussel sprout slaw. 

6:00p.m. - I showered while Mike cleaned up the house

7:00p.m. - Mike sewed Gizmo a dog toy and played with him while we watched The Mindy Show. Mike recently walked up to me and said, "I think I would like to watch The Mindy Show." So now we're binge watching it on Hulu. Love that guy.

8:00p.m. I wanted to lie on this hour and show a picture of the gorgeous dessert Mike made us (since I was sad from my rejection, Mike asked me what dessert I wanted to cheat on my diet with and I asked for sugar free jello. He came home with the fixins for strawberry shortcake because we read recently how super good strawberries are for you and he did the math and the calories came out the same, but this was tastier. Seriously, love that guy.) but instead I'll show the truth. We were still watching tv. Exciting!

9:00p.m. - and in bed around 9! We're old.

(I would like to point out I did other stuff today like fed the dogs, showered, and moved away from the tv...I swear)

Lulu & Sweet Pea


  1. Haha...I love yours! I tried to not just take pics when I was sitting in front of the tv in case everyone thought I was just really lazy. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I know, it's hard! I was like hmmm people are going to think I'm REALLY lazy.

  2. Good luck with the job search! I hope you get something great soon!