Sunday, May 4, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: The Fiery Cross which is the 5th Outlander book? I think? I also just rented The Giver from the library and can't wait to start that. I'm still not reading enough, but we've been going to bed really early and I read while Mike sleeps. Hashtag old people.

Writing: Blog posts and googling shit. 

Listening: To Mike playing Hobbit Legos in the other room. Most romantic anniversary gift ever, right?

Thinking: That we forgot to take our 3rd year anniversary photos, whoops. Gotta keep that tradition up!

Smelling:  My coffee.

Wishing:  For my lady times to go away. Overshare? Too damn bad, my guts hurt today.

Hoping: That I get a good job and can keep up my good exercise habits.

Wearing: I'm breaking my non-pj streak on here. Right now I'm wearing grey F21 lounge pants, a teal tank top from VS that says "just married" on it, a grey JCrew cardigan, and slippers. Sexy!

Loving: That I have a husband who always supports me when I need to lose weight or change my lifestyle even though he is naturally super thin. Also loving that we had such an amazing workout yesterday.

Wanting:  For my guts not to hurt so bad so I can work out today.

Needing: To get in the shower so I can be ready for Mike's game in time.

Feeling: Happy and also....what's a word for overtly feminine in a period-y way??

Clicking:  Amazon to search for the shampoo I want.

A couple other things...

It's funny how quickly we've gotten used to these notices. The first time we got one after we'd moved here completely freaked us out. Tornado? We don't have those in southern California! Now we're just like, "Oh well, we'll just wait to take the dogs out until it's over."

This is what happens when you try to take a selfie with a corgi. He will mouth rape you.



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