Monday, May 19, 2014

Sister Pants

This is a blog post about my sister.

Because, why not?

Also, I like her.

She is very pretty. Like Disney princess pretty.

She has an adorable dog (tied for first with Tuffy and Gizmo of course)

She's super smart

She's good at sports and a kick ass spin instructor

She's an amazing aunt both to real babies and to fur babies

She is pretty much the only person that actually laughs at my jokes (Mike just shakes his head at me)

She is the only person who travels correctly on road trips with me both talking nonstop and doing SNL skits the entire time

We evenly have to support each other when we are feeling fat or having relationship issues, but it never happens at the same time

We e-mail each other constantly to see what the other is wearing and we always respond with an emphatic, "Cute!"

She is obnoxiously in love and it's cute and wonderful and kind of like watching a baby deer learn how to walk

Mike likes to make fun of her for how small her bones are, he calls her baby bird bones

Mike also likes to make fun of her for how healthy she eats, granola and whatnot

She also really likes beets (this is where my favorite photo of her holding a giant beet and looking nuts used to go and I CAN'T FIND IT AND I AM UPSET)

And I super like her!

Love you sister pants!!

Mike "loves" you too


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