Friday, May 9, 2014

Five Things Friday

It's Friday!

I forget because I have no job and am not in school so I'm constantly asking my husband what day of the week it is. Hashtag unemployment.

But today is Friday and it's a flex Friday which means my husband is home so, long weekend commence!

Here are five things because Five Things Friday is a catchy blog title and so here it goes.

1)  Check out Fortuitously Yours for some gorgeous photos of Yosemite today. Makes me kiiiind of miss California, but not enough to go back. :)

2)  My sister is currently obsessed with these amazing floral sneakers from ASOS that are sold out in her size. I completely failed as her online styling guru and could not find a good alternate anywhere. Come on Forever21, where's your cheaper copy??

Image 1 of ASOS DOCKLAND Sneakers
Find here

3)  While in DC for a job interview yesterday, we ate at Roti for the first time and I think we may be a little over excited about it. It's like Chipotle but with Mediterranean food and it was holy balls delicious. If I get this job and can just walk across the street to Roti at lunch, I am going to end up being half hummus. And Mike would totally be okay with that btw.

4)  I cannot get over how much I love Emma Stone's outfit and styling at the Met Gala. It's just so effing perfect and lovely.

Those colors together are just gorgeous along with her great styling
Photo via

5)  I'm currently letting my hair grow out because I'm sick of coloring it all the time, but this pin is making me want to go red. Oh dear is she pretty.

love her hair color and makeup

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  1. Thank you so much for including me, I'm honored! I'm now on a mission to locate those shoes. ;)