Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Neon Drink On

Last weekend, we bought a Living Social deal for a beer festival at the Navy Yard called Neon Drink On. It was a great price that got you access to unlimited tastings for 4 hours and access to live music and tasty DC food trucks. We were super excited to go, especially since I was still freshly pouting over not getting a job I wanted and we had just started eating healthy again and what better way to deal with both those awful things than with tons of beer!

We started the day with an amazing work out and running errands and by the time we pulled up to the beer fest, I was starving and a little hangry. Let me just say that I knew the theme of this thing was neon; it's in the title for chrissakes, but it wasn't until we pulled up and heard club music pumping and saw about a million twenty-somethings in neon booty shorts that it really hit me what this thing was all about.

I was scared.  And cranky.  And hungry.

But we got in, got our swag and tasting cups and realized that, unlike a lot of beer/wine fests we've been to in the past, the lines here were FAST and SHORT and some really great breweries were here. And, thankfully, the club music was only in one secluded tent. The main band was playing great covers, the food trucks were in their regular delicious form, there was plenty of seating in the shade, and there were some non-booty short wearing people there. So it was all good.

We had our fill of super tasty beer, food, and some hilarious sights, and overall, it was a fun little day trip!

Here are some (very important) things I learned at Neon Drink On:

Just because you can zip the shorts doesn't mean the shorts fit. I saw some butt cheeks that day. And not good butt cheeks. But I mean, really, there aren't any "good" butt cheeks in public. I also saw a lovely girl with a great figure wearing a crop top over too tight jeans that gave her a belly. You are like 20lbs smaller than me honey, you should not have a muffin top with your crop top. SIZE UP!

If you are a giant dude wearing overalls, girls will want to pose for pictures with you. Proof:

If you shotgun yeast before drinking a bunch of beer, you will not get drunk at all. 

If you shotgun yeast, it will gum up in your mouth and take 8 million years to clean out of your teeth. (Mike learned this the hard way, not me)

Purple Haze beer tastes exactly how you imagine it does.

I will never not get excited when served Sierra Nevada.

I do not miss being 22, on the prowl, and drunk in public. No sir.

And here are some crappy cell phone pictures. Cheers!

Neon! Also, this guy totally caught me taking a photo. I enjoy your beard sir, now turn around.

Mike picked pink glasses, I picked yellow. That about sums us up.

These tasting glasses were the perfect size. And don't break easily because trust me, I saw lots of drunk folks drop theirs that day.

I should have taken a photo of my outfit. It was pretty classy as far as neon goes! It was a bright pink sheer top from Nordstrom Rack, this super cute necklace from OASAP, and some skinny jeans. (It was way too hot for jeans, damn lying weather app)

And these Jessica Simpson shoes from Ross. (I took this photo today just for the blog)

Mike had us stop at Target on the way to pick up some extra accessories. He was pretty amped about his bracelets, let me tell you.


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