Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blogtober - 10 Things I'm Thankful For

Another catch up post for Blogtober. I've actually been putting this one off because I was having a hard time doing it. It's been a really long last couple of months and I'm just really mentally tired and stressed, so finding things that I'm thankful for was difficult for me. Which is stupid because my life is pretty great, but that's how it is sometimes, I guess. Also, I posted about this recently here.

So here are some things I'm thankful for in no particular order and not including the obvious stuff like my family and husband and junk.

1)  The fact that our car issue ended up being under warranty. Having our car break down on moving day and having to leave it behind in Maryland while we moved to Virginia was super stressful. So much so that we didn't even really allow ourselves to freak out about how much it might cost us. Turns out, it was completely free and our local Hyundai dealer was pretty damn quick and amazing. Thank G.

2)  Hulu Plus. With the commute taking up so much of our days when we were still in Maryland and then moving to a house with no cable, Hulu Plus has been the only way I get to watch my shows. It's the final season of Parenthood, I need to see what happens! (I'm so lame)

3)  A shorter commute. I'm still not super sold on having moved us to a place that we have to pay $350 a month and add over an hour to our day just to get to work (whoops), but our new commute is about an hour shorter each way than our last one which means an extra hour of sleep every night, so I'm pretty thankful for that.

4)  Free food from my employer. Don't know what to have for dinner tonight? Head on over to your local (not gonna say the name because I curse on this here blog, duh) and have a tasty free meal. I'll take it! Free food tastes better, everyone knows that.

5)  The internet. Okay, this is a dumb one, but how did we move, get the uhaul, and get our address changed on everything before we had the internet?

6)  The fact that there are like 14 Starbucks in the neighborhood where I work. On one hand, that's kinnnnd of sad, but it's very handy for me when I need a caffeine boost.

7)  That we just found this restaurant in the local mall that we're going to later today (I'm finally sucking it up and getting some new damn jeans). There wasn't any Mediterranean places where we just moved form so we are super excited to try this fast food version out. Shawarma!! Also a mall near us, what?!

8)  That I don't have to drive any more. I really hate driving, you guys. We commute to work and we go grocery shopping together so I can't think of a need for me to drive anywhere any time soon. Does that make me sound like an old lady?

9)  My cute buy one get on half off Target dresses. I got this one and this one. I can't wait to wear the jean one with brown boots and a plaid scarf and I officially want the sweater one in every color.

10)  These guys, of course.



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