Friday, October 10, 2014

Blogtober - Fall Recipes

Today's blog prompt is an easy one, we need to share our favorite fall recipes.

Both of my favorites are Julia Child's recipes and they're both delicious soups. Honestly, one of the reasons I most look forward to the weather cooling down is so I have an excuse to eat more soups. They just make me so happy. The smells coming off of the stove top for hours, the warmth that spreads through your belly when you eat them. The excuse to eat carbs so you have something to dip in them. Love it.

The first of my favorites is Julia's French Onion Soup which I wrote about here.

It is not good for you at all, but it's delicious and smells amazing and just oh man. 

The second is Julia's Mediterranean Tomato and Rice Soup which, if all my cookbooks weren't packed up I would type up for you, but since they are, here is another blogger's post about it.

{image via}

This soup is super simple, but we just love it. It's homey and tasty and kind of thick depending on how much rice you put into it. So damn good.

What are your favorite Fall recipes?