Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blogtober - Advice for New Bloggers

I'm super behind on my Blogtober anyone surprised?

So let's catch up by starting with the prompt for the 13th which was 5 Blogging Tips You Would Give a New Blogger. 

Here are mine:

1)  Don't take it all too seriously. It's just a blog after all. Just have fun with it. Don't enter into blogging wanting to become a big time blogger because that shows. Some newbies just reak of desperation, trying to become well-known and big. Just be yourself, be authentic, and have fun. If you become big time, that's great, but it shouldn't be your reason to blog.

2)  If you're a fashion blogger, don't do too many pictures of the same outfit. It's just tedious. I would say 5 max.

3)  Don't engage with GOMI. Just don't do it. Ignore ignore ignore.

4)  Don't talk about your employer by name. This makes me so super uncomfortable when people do this. I have actually had to talk to coworkers before at prior jobs and ask them to scrub the business' name from their tumblr. You don't want to be that guy, trust me.

5)  Don't act like an expert on random things. Not everyone is going to have a blog that is a specific niche, like beauty blog, fashion blog, cooking blog, etc. Us lifestyle bloggers don't have to try to become experts in things, that drives me nuts. It's okay to just be a general lifestyle blogger, you don't have to make a ton of lists trying to educate us on random things just to create content.

Did this post make me sound like a blogging bitch?

Too bad!



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