Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Good Touristy Times

Mike and I effing love DC. Have I not mentioned this 8 million times? So, any excuse to do touristy stuff around the city is good for us.

Some great friends back from our Chico days, L & A, visited last weekend and we ate our faces off, drank our faces off, laughed our faces off, and walked our faces off.

Here are a bunch of pictures (this is what happens when you're friends with a blogger guys, sorry).

(I'm pretty sure this is in the totally wrong order)

First, we stopped at District of Pi for lunch (beers and beers and pizza).

We actually got to do two things this trip that we'd never done before. The first was Ford Theater (no joke I just had to google the name of this place, worst American ever over here). A fell asleep because they red eyed it over to us and the ranger had the most monotone voice ever, but it was actually pretty cool.

Then we did the Natural History Museum and very maturely giggled about penises.

Then drinks at Round Robin Bar.

And a quick walk through the Botanic Gardens, mostly just to take super attractive photos.

Then drinks at Proof.

And ending with dinner at Churchkey (holy good charcuterie plate and beers) where A got super sick (not because of the food or anything) so we literally shoved him in a cab and finished eating and drinking without him. Best friends ever.

And bed!

The next day started the way I wish every day started forever and always: with breakfast at Founding Farmers.

Then...monuments! We love the monuments. Like too much. L kind of hated us by the end of the monument walk. Commence pictures of monuments!

Then we did the second thing we'd never done before, a tour of the Capitol. Mayyybe I did this with my senior class on our trip, but I don't remember it so it doesn't count. I was kind of not super amped to do this because I generally hate tours, but this one was really good (albeit long) and the Capitol is just dang beautiful on the inside.

After that, we headed home to get the pups and relax.

The next couple of days actually turned out to be a pretty great goodbye tour of Southern Maryland.

We did dinner at The Front Porch.

Then the next day, we ran some errands and had Ruddy Duck for lunch where A greatly enjoyed his beer sampler.

We planned to walk on the boardwalk in Solomons and go shopping, but the Nascar of boats was going on, so that definitely did not happen. Instead, we went wine tasting which was kind of a mess because there was a wedding at Slack, but we still got to taste and buy some great wine even though it was rushed and kiiiind of awkward. (The bride looked beautiful though)

Wine and beer tasting at Running Hare outside in the sun made me actually pretty sad to leave our area. We should have done this more often!

Then Ledo's Pizza for dinner while watching the new X-men which is basically a perfect night.

The next day, we did lunch at Blue Wind Gourmet and drove to Keepin' It Local for some shopping and to get L & A some whoopie pies to take home with them because you can't visit Southern Maryland and not get a whoopie pie.

We all felt like ice cream so we drove to Leonardtown and stopped at Big Larry's Comic Book Cafe because they have ice cream and nerdy stuff, so basically L & A's dream come true.

Then we drove them down to Leonardtown Wharf so L could see the gorgeous views and A could read all the nerdy history signs while we all ate our ice cream.

We went home and nursed our stuffed bellies with beer (good plan?) and headed out later for a g-damn delicious dinner at Cafe Des Artistes.

The last day, I headed off to work while they went back into DC to do the Air & Space Museum, the Modern Art Museum, lunch at Elephant & Castle (where L drank a Pimm's for me, thank you ma'am), and then Mike dropped them at their hotel for their early morning flight and he headed home to me.

And was over an hour late picking me up because of traffic.

So I walked from my bus stop to Outback and ate a salad in the bar while I read my book like some sad weirdo.

The end!

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