Thursday, October 30, 2014

If Sugar is Like Cocaine, Then I'm Going Through Withdrawals

Today, Mike and I are on the 4th day of not eating foods with added sugar in them. Let me just point out that we are not on a sugar "detox" where you can't eat any natural sugar like fruit and crap. Any diet that doesn't allow you fruit and/or veggies is ridiculous, not sustainable, and just plain stupid (steps off soap box). Mike and I (particularly Mike) just eat too much damn sugar. Mike, for instance, in a typical day would have two little scones with breakfast, 5 cookies at lunch, and 'smores after dinner. That's like three desserts a day. I was having a handful of gummie bears at work and then cookies after dinner. For someone who is officially at that age where it's harder to lose weight and who, within the last year and a half, has put on at least 10 pounds onto her small 5'2 frame, candy and cookies every day just weren't okay.

So we're off sugar for 30 days to see how we feel and how sustainable this is. My main goal at the end of this is to feel better and for us to no longer have daily desserts. Maybe on the weekend when we go grocery shopping we pick us each up a cupcake and have it that night? And it's like a special thing instead of an every day thing. That's the hope.

Side note: I blame Dax Shephard on the You Made It Weird Podcast for talking about going off sugar and how great he feels for getting this idea in my head. Stupid Dax. Now I have to hate Parenthood until I can eat candy again.

But yeah, it sucks right now. So here are my random thoughts as they come during this cranky time:

 - I miss peanut butter most of all. Sure, I would love a candy bar right now, but I really really miss peanut butter. Stupid added sugar sonsofbitches.

 - I also realllly miss soy lattes. Mike actually bought himself one the second day, realized that Starbucks uses vanilla soy that has added sugar, and threw it away. Oh the fortitude!

 - Working in on office where one of my jobs is to keep the conference room stocked with snacks and candies is not fun right now. I just had to open up a bag of Hershey's mini chocolate bars and it smelled so good, I almost cried.

 - The only granola with no added sugar in it is DISGUSTING.

 - Greek yogurt and disgusting granola for breakfast is not fun.

 - Grapes are basically candy.

 - Beer helps.

 - Sugar is in EVERYTHING.



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