Friday, October 10, 2014

Blogtober - Advice to Your Younger Self

Yesterday's blog prompt was, "What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self" and I put off writing it because honestly, I really hate talking about that. I actually wrote about it back in 2010 (have I seriously been blogging that long?!) here

I hate talking about it because I look back and think about that stuff far too often. I live my life with an extra shadow following me; that of my regrets. It's not that I've done THAT many bad or stupid things. I'm not living on the streets or broke or addicted to crack or anything, obviously I haven't effed my life up that badly. But I feel constantly followed around by my past actions and my regrets about them. I'm the type of person who just does not let things go and I wish I did. Specifically things that I've done; I don't even dwell that much on things that have been done to me, just things I did.

I can remember vividly something embarrassing I did back in 2008 which was not even a big deal at all. It was maybe a 10 second mistake on a flight I was working that none of the other flight attendants working with me would ever remember and it still bothers me to this day when I think about it. It's not healthy, I'm aware, but it's the way I've always been. The episode of Felicity where she ends up getting to go back in time and try to do things differently, oh man, that is my god damn dream.

So all that to say why I don't like writing posts talking about advising my younger self. But here goes anyways.

First, work out. As soon as it's healthy (like not when you're 7 years old or something) start running and taking care of yourself. It will make your future life so much easier.

Second, you're awesome. Stop beating yourself up all the damn time. Confidence is attractive and will make up for your lack of other crap. Just be funny, be you, and stop crying yourself to sleep all the damn time. (My advice is not sweet, apparently)

Don't sleep with that guy, or that other one, or especially not THAT one.

Finish college the first time around, you idiot.

Someone will fall in love with you and marry you, stop stressing about it and make out with more dudes before that happens.

Don't drink sugary drinks. You will barf a lot less if you don't.

Go ahead and date those emotionally unavailable guys if you want, just be a lot more honest with yourself and with them and you'll get hurt quite a bit less.

If you stopped wearing a mask and hiding your true self from people, you would have a lot deeper friendships.

And just, get over it already and be happy!

This blog post was depressing. Here is a photo of my dogs to cheer you up.



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