Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm having a really hard time getting myself to write this paper.
That is technically due tomorrow.
I'm having that thing where you sit in front of the computer and immediately get exhausted and your brain goes fuzzy and you can't write a coherent word, but then when you get finally decide to say eff it and go to bed, your heart starts racing from stress and panic about the paper and you can't sleep.
Does that happen to anyone else?
I'm a stress face.
BUT sunny side of all of this is I have 3 days left of this class, then 2 more classes (equaling 2 months), and then my last 2 months are writing my thesis/business project and then I'm done!
And you'll never have to hear me complain about grad school again!
Until then, here is a picture to distract you (me) for a minute.


  1. You can do it Val!

    That's a lovely picture. Love the bride's yellow shoes! :D

    1. Thanks!!!

      And that bride is me! I love those shoes. I should try to wear them again, they've been all boxed up since the wedding.