Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I just realized I never posted about our recent trip to the East Coast.
We went mainly to visit my dad and step-monster (love you Monica), but also to celebrate our 1 year anniversary early.
And also, because we're both pretty obsessed with the area.
We want to hopefully move there one day, unless we move somewhere else.  UGH who knows.
We had some lazy days just hanging out at their gorgeous house, did our favorite touristy things in the city, spent a night alone in the city and had one of the tastiest/fanciest dinners of our lives, visited Annapolis for the first time (swoon), and above all else...rellllaxed.  Oh how needed it was.
Here are some pictures from what turned out to be an amazing trip.
Most cats of the world terrify me, but this one I love.  I think it's because he's so fat.  And acts like a dog.  And he has the sweetest little button nose.

At FDR's memorial

My dad's dog Oscar.  Love his sad little face.

Outside the air and space museum

One of my favorite places to be in the world. I  love love it in here.  It overwhelms me in the best way possible.

The infamous, "The bee was eye effing me" picture.

My dad & Monica's backyard is gorgeous and filled with nature.  Hubs loved it out there.

Where we sat and drank our coffee every morning, so peaceful.

Having an Italian step-monster is awesome (and fattening).

Margaritas with salt foam at Oyamel.

My men watching golf, this tugged at my heartstrings for sure.

Taking a wine break in Annapolis.

A random couple stood and watching us take these, it was awkward.  Then they asked Mike to take some of them.

Fried everything please!

Our cameraman for the trip.

Hub's favorite.

High Tea in Annapolis, MD.


Their backyard...dreamy.


  1. looks like such a great trip! what beautiful images you captured!!!
    xo TJ

  2. woww these pictures are freaking awesome. You're really great at it! The east coast looks like a ton of fun.

    haha that photo of the bee is priceless.

    1. Thanks so much Allison!! That bee photo makes me laugh every time I look at it!