Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is Tuffy aka Buffer, Tuffapatomas, or TuffPants.

We adopted him in 2008 after we had been dating about a year and lived in Chico
He looked like this

That picture actually makes my heart break a little, he was so poorly taken care of.  We found him at pug breeder who was selling him because she claimed she wasn't going to breed any more and he was one of her stud dogs (she kept breeding, she sucked).
He had never had a leash on, never played with a toy (he pooped all over the first toy we bought him) and was so used to living outside in the dirt, that he refused to walk on grass for a long time after we got him.

Now,  over 4 years later, he spends all day sleeping on couches

Or on beds

Or begging for food

Or doing what we call chinfers (resting his chin adorably on anything)

He is the sweetest little dog that ever was a dog.
He insists on always touching someone.
Lap sitting is his favorite hobby.
He loves food almost as much as laps.
He likes to wake up at 2:00am and pace around the bed until someone lifts up their covers for him to snuggle under.
His favorite snuggle positions are spooning or knee's butts (the crook of your knee).
He doesn't bark, he boofs.
He will heavy sigh at you if you move too much while doing lap sitting.
He tried to murder his brother for about a month after we adopted him and even ripped out a chunk of hair, but now they're best friends.
His feet smell like tortilla chips.
He once got kicked off a bus in San Francisco.
He is my first real fur baby.
I am his momma and I will love him always and always.


  1. oh my goodness. Tuffy is adorable!!! Glad you guys found each other and he's now in a good home away from the breeder! :)