Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Okay

I looked at these photos after we took them and was crestfallen.
These are pretty darn awful.
In my head, my hair looked like this:
Natalie at Nat The Fat Rat
But alas, it does not.
In my head, my poses look like this:
Sidney at The Daybook
But again, they do not.
In my head, my outfits always look like this:

Kendi at Kendi Everyday

But of course, they never do.
These three girls above are three of my favorite bloggers.
Their outfits, their words, their lives inspire me.
They are funny and pretty and just so many things I wish I was.
And normally, looking at my pictures and comparing them to the ones above would make me sad.
I'm coming out on the bottom people, these ladies are crushing it.
But you know what, my hair, my poses, my outfits aren't that great, but it's okay.
I'm funny and weird and I've got a great rack (well I do).
And it's okay.
That's kind of a big deal for me to say.
Just had to get it out.

So enjoy my awful outfit photos, school marm is in didn't you know?

Dress (worn as a top):  Macy's (it's missing a button if you didn't notice)
Belt:  Anne Taylor Outlet
Skirt:  Gift, Windsor
Shoes:  Nine West Outlet

P.S.  Wearing a dress as a skirt is fun because you can fake flash people at work all day!


  1. girl you have a GREAT rack! jealous!! :)

    1. I did an embarrassing little happy dance after I got your comment! Thanks!