Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Full Circle

My mom loves to tell a story about me as a little girl sitting on the chair in front of our tv eating butter.
It's pretty gross that I ate butter at all (and no wonder I was a chubster), but the story gets worse.
I was sharing my butter.
With our dog.
One swipe of the finger in the butter tub into my mouth.
One swipe for the dog.
It's pretty representative of me as a little kid.

I was sitting here tonight listening to my live class lecture enjoying some leftover Baskin Robbins daiquiri ice (130 calories per 4oz versus the 300 calories for the damn cheesecake flavor I wanted.  I hate this whole display the calories thing.  Can't we just be fat and ignorant?!) and I was reminded of that story.

Because after every couple of tasty bites, I let my dogs have some too.

And then I thought hmm....that'ssss pretty gross.

I guess the butter story was pretty representative of me as an adult too.
Also, being a dog in my house seems to be a pretty tasty gig.

Side Note:  Before I let the dogs have any of my ice cream, I asked the hubs if it had actual daiquiri in it because then they couldn't have any.  He looked at me, shook his head, and said, "How would they be able to serve it to kids if it had alcohol in it?"  Oh right...


  1. Oh, hi, I found you on natthefatrat and will now commence stalking ya for like ever and ever-- okay?

    I read your little description about wonderful you and knew I had to follow along with your watching your husband clean the house adventures. Here's a bit of silliness on cleaning, and other waaay cooler things: http://www.localsugarhawaii.com/2012/05/on-being-full-time-dreamer.html-- I'd love if you'd join us for the ride at localsugarhawaii.com

    1. Ha, thanks hun! I shall fellow stalk!!