Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kopy Kat

I blatantly 100% copied this outfit from Kendi seen here:
Kendi at Kendi Everyday (hence the K's in the title...I'm so klever)

But she, more appropriately, wore hers on the weekend.
I wore mine to work.
But I mean really, I get paid by the hour to answer phones and more often than not, get yelled at by people missing teeth who are, more often than you would think, not wearing shoes.
So, yeah, I don’t always feel the need to be fancy.
I MAY have overdone it with the Heidi braids and too-tight dress.
But I started the day thinking it was Wednesday and then sadly realizing it was not so screw it.

No, no one mentioned all day that I had a giant tuft of hair sticking out the back of my head.  Thanks A-Holes.

This is what happens when we take pictures after work.  So sleepsy.

Dress:  F21
Shirt:  J.Crew (I spilled yogurt on it and died a little inside that morning)
Necklace:  Premier
Belt:  Thrifted


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