Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scenes From Last Saturday

Last Saturday was busy and lovely.
We hiked/ran 10 miles up at Walkers Pass which was harder than I thought, but gorgeous and totally worth the sore feet.
Later that day we held a bbq for one of my favorite people E who is callously ditching us for greener pastures and moving away in a couple of weeks.
Here are some pictures of that lovely little Saturday.
This is what your feet look like after a 10 mile hike.  Sexy.

What do you do when you realize you bought the wrong kind of cake mix for the cake?  You make an extra cake of course!  (Still sitting in our cupboard uneaten, whoops.)

Ugliest cake ever, but delicious!

My dogs apparently think it's okay to sit on a pregnant ladies bump because they did it all day.  

Individual 5 layer dips.  Thanks Pinterest!

The Grub.

Pretty strawberries for the cake.

Sorry for the ugly unedited photos...our computer got a virus and we had to wipe it free of all programs for now.  

Pretty lady.


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