Sunday, May 20, 2012

What We Did Today

This is what we're doing so far today.
I slept in until 8:00 (glorious).
Woke up to find that the hubs had woken up 2 hours earlier, walked the dogs, washed his car, had breakfast, and read his book for like an hour.
I grabbed some coffee, yogurt, granola, and honey and got back in bed with Biggest Loser on Instant Watch.
I did that for like an hour.
Then I felt bad for being so lazy so I got up and organized my jewelry.
I then decided it was time to leave my room (I was out of coffee) and sat my lazy butt in front of the computer to update my iPhone (but really to read blogs).
I have been sitting here updating (reading blogs) for about 3 hours now.
Guilty Face
Oh yeah, I haven't showered yet either if you can't tell.

This, on the other hand, is what the hubs is doing.

I'm pretty proud of this picture because I had to lay down on my stomach in the driveway in front of my scary giant neighbor to take it.

The other woman in my husband's life.  She's curvy too.  He likes 'em curvy.
And this is what the dogs have been doing all day.
Sometimes we bore them.
Maybe I'll get off my caboose and go shower now.
Or maybe I'll read 5 more pages of Nat The Fat Rat's blog because seriously, I'm sucked in.
What are you all doing this lovely Sunday?


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