Sunday, June 24, 2012


Did I mention we had a trip planned to go to Disneyland?
Probably not, I wasn't super excited about it.
Anyways, we went. 
It was awesome.
Here are some pictures and stories about a lovely weekend.

First, we drove to Orange County and stopped off at some outlets (we love outlets, we're freaks about them).
First outlet stop, Alcatraz Brewery for some lunch and booze.

Then we shopped 'til we dropped.
And needed more booze.

Mikes takes his beer samplers seriously.

Then we drove to Anaheim (realized our hotel was like 3 minutes from the outlets so it wasn't much of a drive) and met up with my mom and her friend A for some dinner.

What I wore, bought that day at the Banana Republic Outlet (with some Premier jewelry of course)

We went to Catal Restaurant in downtown Disney.
It was DELICIOUS and fancy and amazing service and a great view and just UGH, perfect.

This is what I ate:  suckling pig confit, corn, zucchini, Fresno chile, salt and vinegar cracklings, corn purée, smoked jus.
I felt weird ordering suckling pig, but it was worth it.
I asked the bartender to pick my wine and he sent me Rodney Strong which made me happy and it was perfect.

This is what Mike (and mom and A) ate:  braised boneless short ribs, roasted piperade, Spanish tortilla, sweet paprika aïoli, jus.
Delish (mine was better).

Dessert (that we ordered two of because when Mike is at dinner with you, you need two desserts...that boy loves dessert):  some kind of huckleberry awesomeness, but I can't remember the weird name right now.

The next day, we were off early to Disneyland!
Us on the shuttle, the only picture I look normal in all day.

Can we talk about how good our luck was all day at the park?
We decided to do Space Mountain first since it's usually a hellish line.
We walk up, and it's closed, so we're bummed, but as we're walking away, an employee yells at us to hold on.
30 seconds later, they open the ride and us and about ten other people got to speed walk through the line and be the first on the ride.
It rocked, high fives abounded.
From then on, we basically didn't stand in a single line.
It actually kind of freaked us out.
Ten minutes was probably the longest line all day.
And THEN we went on Indiana Jones (which is awesome always) and as the ride was ending and our car was pulling up to the end, a couple of cast members walked up and told us that our car hadn't worked and we get to switch cars and go again.
Indiana Jones twice in a row...come on!
Overall, it was an awesomely perfectly lovely day.
Pretty weather, happy Mike, no lines, tasty food, tons of crazy people to talk about on our long walks, and churros.
Here are some more pictures.
Oh Disneyland, we miss you already.

Our view at lunch from the New Orleans Cafe, loved these guys.

This is a completely unstaged picture of hubs.  I caught him watching the dudes play music during lunch and he was this genuinely happy.  He loves Disneyland so much.

Me standing in Frontierland waiting for the hubs to pee for the 80th time.  That dude, I swear.

Mike on Small World

We found the perfect semi-hipster Disneyland shirt for Mike
This picture is not meant to be sexual I just insanely love Disneyland pickles!

The wine tasting in California Adventureland is a RACKET. 
So expensive, so little wine.

Mike outside Small World
Our view from the ferris wheel in CA Adventureland (is that what it's called?  I'm too lazy to look it up).
I found out (after like 5 years together) that Mike doesn't like heights.

My outfit for the day:  mullet dress from a local boutique, cross purse (GODSEND!) from Banana Republic Outlet, shoes from F21, necklace from Premier).

Princess Castle!!  We pushed through a crazy crowd of parade watchers just to walk through the castle before we left the park.
Also, how have neither of us ever gone up to the sleeping beauty part before?!

Fun fact about wearing a cross purse all day with a large necklace and no sunscreen:  sweet sunburn lines.

Happy Sunday everyone!!


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