Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is Gizmo aka Blizmo, Magizmo, Blizzard, Gizzard, Demon Dog.

Two years ago, hubs randomly announced that we should go visit the pound.  We walked around looking in every cage and I stopped to put my hand through every single one petting those sad dogs with faces so sweet they each brought me to tears.  While I was kneeling down petting a particularly sad sheep dog, hubs standing next to me yelled out, "Babe, a corgi!!"
I looked over and standing there staring at my hubs was this fuzzy little guy.

We went home and picked up Tuffy so they could meet.  Tuffy walked around the pound playground peeing all over everything, completely uninterested in this furry little ball of dog who kept relentlessly jumping on him.  But Tuffy didn't try to rip off his head, so we called it a pass.  
Hubs had one of only 3 moments of doubt I've ever watched him have when we went home that day.  He couldn't bring himself to decide to adopt another dog.  I basically pressured him until he said yes.  
A couple weeks later, after he recovered from a doggy cold, he was ours.

The first year was ROUGH. 
Tuffy did not enjoy his new brother and he showed it.  What hubs and mo-in-law insisted was normal behavior between dogs, I saw as the evil coming out of my sweet pug.  Every time they fought, I broke down in tears.  It was horrible.
He also ate a lot of stuff.
Including our windowsill.
But it got better.  And he's now the sweetest little fur ball you ever will meet.  
His happiest place in the world is stretched out on a human's chest licking their face frantically which he does every morning to wake me up.

He prefers to be touching his brother at all times, if Tuffy will allow it.

He's still terrified of putting on a collar, harness, or leash.
He still won't walk by the Swiffer without looking like he's going to poo his pants.
He still barfs on long car rides.
He still eats the windowsill if we don't spray the non-chew spray on it.
But we love him.
Every once in a while, hubs will lay down next to Gizmo, look at me, and say, "He was at the pound babe."  He just can't believe that his sweet little dog was ever sleeping on a concrete ground and not snuggled in a dog bed on top of our bed (yes, Gizmo enjoys a good double bed).

If you ever come over to our house, he will jump on you, and bark at you, but then he'll calm down and once you bend down to pet him, he will look you in the eyes with such intense love and concentration that you will immediately fall in love with him.  
Happens every time.


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