Monday, June 18, 2012

I Need To

I need to...

Start actually doing my hair for work.  I've become a little (a lot) obsessed with doing my hair in either a top knot or heidi braids every day because they're cute and easy, but a girl needs to brush her hair every once in a while I think.

Start doing my homework at night instead of reading blogs.

Stop mentally kicking my own ass while running.  I can do it. I  have done it.  So just effing do it.

Tell my baby fever to bugger off.  For now.  Bad timing baby fever,  bad timing.

Stop eating goat cheese as a snack.

Read more and watch less tv.  My Kindle is pretty appalled at the amount of Real Housewives shows I've been neglecting it for.

Stop focusing on the things that irritate me at work/home/everywhere.

Take better care of my skin.  Someone just needs to tell me how, thanks.

Stop stressing about the future so much.

Stop adjusting my boobs in public.

Add new music to my iPhone because it's getting pretty boring.

Start using my electric toothbrush even though it's loud and tickles and I hate it.

Make time for friends.

Hold me accountable guys, okay?


  1. oh gosh, me too girl! what's with all this baby fever. definitely not what i'm wanting at the moment. and i need to be better at not stressing about the future. we can't stress about the things we cannot control or have not even happened yet!
    xo TJ