Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stay Standing

Some outfits I’m realizing are just not sitting outfits.
Yesterday’s outfit was, in my opinion, pretty darn cute standing in front of my mirror.
And then I got to work.
And every time I sat down, the shirt poofed up out of my skirt and I had to retuck it in and it was super awkward.
And my belt buckle hit the edge of my desk which bothered me all day.
But standing up…oh standing up I was a winner.

Shirt:  Hubs’ from H&M (guys button their shirts on the other side, what?!)
Skirt:  Gap Outlet
Shoes:  Gift, Forever via Amazon
Necklace:  Premier
Belt:  Thrifted


  1. It's true that guys button their shirts on the other side? I didn't know! I usually wear shirts from my brother too :) they are so comfy!

    1. Yes, their buttons are on the left, so weird!!