Tuesday, January 1, 2013


(You have to do one of these obnoxious end of year posts...it's like a blogging rule)

Oh 2012...I can't remember much excitement coming from you.
Other than, you know, moving across the darn country.
But here were some of my favorite parts.

First of all, I had long hair and bangs.  I miss that hairstyle.
(I told you a lot didn't happen in 2012)

Mike's 30th wine tasting birthday and New Year's Eve at my sister's house.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary.
(I'm still in shock someone married me)

We took a trip to DC/Maryland to visit my dad & step-mom

We threw some pretty kick ass cocktail parties

We got more serious about running including doing a 10k and a 10 mile hike/run
(Aren't you glad this is the picture I chose?)

(Your feet after a 10 mile hike)

Mike had one of his best years ever at the 5-a-side

We went to Disneyland (makes any year a great year in our book)

We went camping in Yosemite (and it wasn't horrible!)

We became even closer friends with C&J and got the opportunity to take their engagement pics (miss them!)

We went to Vegas and had a blast

(Pretty Cortney, nuts Valerie)

I finished grad school!!!

My mom, sister, & I took a girl's trip to Cambria

And then I quit my job and we moved across country!

Hopefully 2013 brings a new job for me, some rest and relaxation for Mike, some visits from friends and family, a wedding for one of my best friends (possibly two of them??), new friends, some clarity, and a little less hatred for the gym.

Let's do this 2013!!


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