Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pity Party

I found out yesterday that I was denied unemployment because I turned in a form late.
It was totally my fault and I feel awful about it.
There are meth heads out there smart enough to turn in their unemployment forms on time.
And I botched it.
I also realized yesterday that I have applied for 42 jobs since finding out about Mike's transfer.
I also made the stupid choice to check my student loan balance yesterday.
So yeah, last night was rough.
Today, I plan to have a tiny little pity party for myself.
I started by eating a cookie for breakfast.
Sending out some passive aggressive, bitter e-mails.
And staying in pajamas all day.
Then, I'll suck it up, clean up the house, make a soup, and apply for more jobs.
Because, really, what the hell else am I going to do?
Wallowing is not cute.
But I'll give myself part of the day at least.
This post is officially rambling and whiny, but if I can't complain to random friends on the internet, who can I complain to?


  1. I love a good pity party every once in a while...

    At my old job, I helped people get set up with unemployment. That paper work is NO JOKE. They definitely don't make it easy.

    Not even for a meth head ;)