Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marrying Your Best Friend

The other night, Mike and I started laughing so hard at a stupid joke on How I Met Your Mother that I actually started crying.
He laughed because he thought it was funny.
I laughed because of how hard he was laughing at something so stupid.
And then we both caught that infectious belly laugh where you can't stop and can't breathe.
That happens a lot with us.
Usually it's over a fart joke.
(We make a lot of fart jokes in this house, it's my specialty)

I was thinking about that moment this morning and I realized, as cheesy as it is, it really is important to marry your best friend.
That guy drives me nuts as a husband some times and we have to work our butts off to keep this marriage working.
But as a friend?  Oh, we're golden.
And I'm so so happy and feel so so lucky that we are.

Love you fart face.


  1. ok now I have to know what joke it is. I've been rewatching how I met your mother on netflix.

    it wasn't where Marshall is reading his old MadLibs and it says, "Fart went to the fart fartly." was it? :)

    cause that one got me. :)

    annnnnd I agree to everything you said after the joke part. :) you two are adorable.

    1. Thanks so much hun!

      It was actually when Robin is meeting Ted's parents for the first time and she makes a stupid joke and then says, "That's nothing is it." For some reason that cracked my husband up like crazy. So stupid!