Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On Turning 30

Today I turn 30.
Which I know is supposed to be terrifying.
But today, it's not.
Because I'm pretty happy.
Even though I'm unemployed which should probably amp up the turning 30 terror.
But it just doesn't.
Being unemployed right now is kind of a blessing.
Aside from job searching, I get to relax all day.
When is the last time anyone got to do that?
Sitting in front of the computer job searching, wearing leggings and a sweatshirt with messy hair, no makeup, and a pug on my lap.
That's what turning 30 looked like for me.
Periodically turning around to look at my corgi lying in the window, staring out at the rainy day outside.
It's quiet and peaceful and slow in here.
And my 30 year old self loves it.
Happy 30 to me!

(But I better have a damn job by the time I turn 31)


  1. Well said! I'm turning 31 on Monday (eek!)... Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you and happy early birthday to you hun!

  2. Happy Birthday! I think you are looking at it perfectly! Take this time to enjoy! I'm sitting in the office and truth be told, this is no fun at all! Enjoy your day and your time off and your birthday!!!!!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  3. Happy Birthday Val!! Enjoy your day with your pups and honey! Welcome to the east coast!!

    1. Thank you so much Katie! Tell J I said hi!

  4. happy birthday!! sounds like you had a good one, hope the new year brings you a great new job opportunity! i'm turning the big 3-0 in april and looking forward to it! (mostly)

  5. happy happy birthday happy happy birthday! yay. I'm heading there next year.