Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh DC, I Love You So

Saturday, we took our first trip to DC since the big East Coast move in honor of my upcoming birthday
(I'm going to be 30!!)
(Old balls)
And it was lovely (per usual).
DC never disappoints.
And the commute wasn't so bad (I keep telling myself that in case I get a job in the city).
First, we ate here at Zaytinya.
Which I think officially makes us Jose Andres stalkers.
Now we just have to save up to eat at Mini Bar and we'll have hit them all!
And oh it was delish.
What's that?  You wish I took pictures of my food?  Well as a matter of fact...

Cheese plate!
You know how I feel about cheese...
And this wasn't just cheese you guys, it was CHEESE.
So good.

Who needs birthday cake when you have Turkish Delight?
Holy crapoli taste explosion.

We also drank a bunch of cocktails.
And Mike signed their little notepad on the check with "F*cking Amazing".
Thankfully the waitress thought it was funny.

My lunch date.
This man pulls off pink like no other.

Filled with cheese!

Then we walked over to the Portrait Gallery and National Gallery of Art and walked our legs off.
Then, to cap off the day, we finished with a cocktail at The Round Robin Bar inside the Willard Hotel.

This place was amazing and historic and fancy and tasty and I loved it.
A great find.
Mike can't wait to take his guy friends to the scotch tasting bar up the stairs from this place.

Overall, it was a lovely, tiring, tasty, boozy, relaxing day and I can't wait for a ton more.
Oh DC, I love you so.


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