Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Healthy Living

Recently, I was sitting around the house being unemployed and lazy
And hungry
With not a single (non-vegetable) thing to eat
Then I remembered that we had leftover chocolate chips in the fridge
So I decided to make cookie dough
Not cookies
I'm horrible at making cookies
Once, I made TWO batches of cookies where I substituted powdered sugar for flour
That's two in a row, not at the same time
So my brilliant solution was to just make the dough
And eat it out of the bag spoonful by spoonful over the last couple of days
I just ate two spoonfuls for breakfast
I feel sick
(I'm an adult)


  1. Hahah this is great! I have definitely had cookie dough as a meal before. I've never made it just to eat it, but I've purchased premade dough at the store with no intention of baking it whatsoever.

    whiskey for breakfast
    365 sleepy days

  2. Hahaha! Too funny!