Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leonardtown Wharf

One of our favorite things to do since the weather has been getting nicer is to drive over to Leonardtown and walk around downtown.  Yesterday, we drove down to go to a car show for 50's weekend which we realized once we got there wasn't until Sunday (whoops).  We decided to stay since it was such a lovely day, have lunch, do some shopping, and walk around.  We had lunch at the Front Porch which I'll review over at By The Forkful soon, bought some books for my book club blogger buddy Audrey at Fenwick Books, grabbed some coffee at The Brewing Grounds which we drank sitting out in the sun on the square, did a quick impromtu tour of the Old Jail Museum, and then finished with a quick stop at my favorite spot in Leonardtown - the wharf.  I snapped some quick pictures at the wharf before we left because it was just too pretty to pass up.  If we stay in this area, I definitely hope we end up in Leonardtown; it's quickly becoming one of my favorite towns.