Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Revolt Diary - Hitting A Wall

This week, I officially hit a wall with the Revolt diet.  
I'm just 100% sick of eggs.  I can't look at 'em.  I can't eat 'em.  Can't do it.
So I started skipping breakfast and the snack this week.
Which is not good; not the point of diet.
Doing that in turn made me super sleepy and grouchy and caused me to cheat via sugar free cookies and wine.
Not the WORST cheating, but not great.
I love how easy Nichole's diet is to follow and prepare, but 5 weeks in, I'm definitely a little bored and need to change it up.
Mike and I are planning to continue in the vein of her diet:  low calories, low carbs, low sugar, high protein, clean eating, etc., but we're definitely going to have to change it up and add a little more flavor.
As much as eggs are better for me, I'm going back to Greek yogurt and granola for breakfast.
I do plan to stick with the fat free low sugar Greek yogurt she makes us eat and try to find the best granola I can (seriously, check your granola labels, they are FULL of sugar!), but egg whites, I quit you!

The workouts are still awesome, she kicks my ass every time. 
120 pop squats on Thursday.
Eff that B.
No offense, Nichole.
I have started adding my weight training with Mike back in and extra abs because I felt like I needed more definition on top of fat burning.
Here is the ab workout I'm working towards.
I say working towards because it is hard and I suck at it.

Ab Workout

I don't do the cardio part because Nichole's workouts already include this.
And...I'm lazy.

Mike and I really need to pick up running again now that the weather is gorgeous which will also give me an excuse to eat more calories.
Win win!

The moral of this rambly post is that I still am loving Revolt and I've learned a lot from it.
I normally would just whine and quit when I hit a wall, but this time I'm actually adapting and learning from it!
While I don't plan to follow the diet to a tee anymore, I do plan to implement a lot of her ideas and recipes into my every day life.
I honestly can't wait to adapt some of our favorite recipes to be more clean and sugar free.

And of course, if you want to learn more about Revolt, go here!

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  1. Way to pick yourself up & kep oing! Stay strong girl!
    aka Cameron